Does Liposuction Lead to Loose Skin?

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May 16, 2019
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August 7, 2019
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It is no secret that rapid weight loss often results in a noticeable amount of loose skin. Consequently, one might be led to believe that liposuction would also result in this phenomenon. However, this is not the case. Even with traditional micro-cannula, tumescent based liposculpture, there can be some degree of skin tightening. There is some evidence to suggest that the two modern forms of liposculpture utilising VASER and LASER technology, can help with further skin tightening, post liposuction. This post will seek to explain the differences between the two procedures and why you should not be worried about loose skin after the operation.

Potential Skin Tightening with VASER liposuction

VASER liposuction is often used to remove stubborn pockets of fat to obtain a more athletic appearance. Usually, the patient has an athletic physique that is hidden beneath stubborn fat. VASER Liposuction is a great alternative to the aggressive techniques of traditional liposuction. VASER works by using state of the art ultrasound technology to melt away the fat before it is then removed using a specialised cannula. Not only does VASER make it easier to remove stubborn fat with less trauma, it also helps by targeting the individual muscles and removing the fat deposits, revealing the definition of the muscle. Due to the advanced nature of VASER, it is powerful enough to remove significant regions of fat, while remaining gentle enough to operate in sensitive areas of the body, such as the neck and arms.

VASER is minimally invasive and consequently results in a short period of recovery time, typically a period of 2-3 weeks without strenuous physical activity. Due to the use of ultrasound technology, VASER liposuction may tighten the skin rather than loosening it.

Potential Skin Tightening with Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction works by melting the fat deposits with a laser fibre at the same time as the suctioning process. A fortunate possible side-effect of using laser liposuction to remove fat is that the heat from the laser may result in a tightening of the skin. The laser fibre reaches a temperature of 40° C, which not only melts fat but may also tighten the underside of the skin without damage to the surrounding tissue. This increase in heat stimulates the production of collagen and causes existing collagen to contract. Now the skin is more elastic and tighter looking. Consequently, skin tightening, and fat removal of laser liposuction together produce amazing and noticeable results.

Furthermore, laser liposuction results in far less bruising and swelling than traditional liposuction. This is achieved by both melting and suctioning the fat at the same time. As the fat is both melted and suctioned simultaneously, the surgeon is able to extract the pockets of fat much easier and faster. This helps to reduce bruising, swelling and the overall time of the procedure. Laser liposuction, then, greatly reduces the overall damage to tissue and muscle. This comes from the fact that laser liposuction is far less aggressive than traditional liposuction and does not require the use of a ‘disruptor’ to loosen up the fat tissue.

The Dangers of Excessive Liposuction

Of course, this is not to say that liposuction will never result in loose skin. If too much fat is removed from the body too quickly, it will result in loose and wrinkled skin. This is due to the fact that the skin has lost its internal structure without time to adjust. While the skin may tighten to some degree, there are limits to how much tightening can occur and it is important to not push your body too far. Fortunately, the dangers of liposuction can be vastly reduced by choosing an experienced and proficient surgeon. At the Sculpture Clinic, we would only recommend liposuction if it would result in the best outcome for the patient. So, you can rest assured that when looking for liposuction in Melbourne, your best bet will be with the Sculpture Clinic (a part of the Paras Clinic).

Key takeaways

  • Rapid weight loss can lead to the appearance of loose skin. This is not usually the case with VASER or laser liposuction.
  • VASER liposuction uses a VASER ultrasound wand to pass through the fatty tissue beneath the skin surface to dissolve and dislodge the fat before being suctioned out of the body.
  • Laser liposuction uses a probe containing a laser radial fibre that melts the fat and suctions out the melted fat cells.
  • Both laser and VASER liposuction may have skin tightening qualities.
  • If an extreme or excessive amount of fat is removed, loose skin can be a problem. But a well trained and responsible surgeon will not allow this to occur.
  • Make an appointment with Dr Paraskevas today to find out more about liposuction.