Laser Liposuction Melbourne

Sculpture Clinic was one of the first clinics in Australia to offer an advanced liposuction treatment for various areas of the body, with the aim of reducing the time and overall discomfort of traditional in less time, with minimal discomfort and with better results.

LipoLife’s laser-assisted liposuction treatment, powered by the 1470nm diode device, is a technique that helps bring liposuction out of the hospital setting and into a day procedure unit.

The treatment incorporates a combination of fibreoptic laser technology to help melt fat and a dual-mode cannula to help remove it. Some of the advantages reported in the literature are reduced bleeding and bruising, although this can vary from patient to patient. From the surgeon’s perspective, it may help reduce physical exertion and aid in a faster recovery post-operatively.

As Seen on Today Extra

Dr Peter Paraskevas demonstrates Laser Liposuction on Channel 9’s Today Extra.

Benefits of Laser-Assisted Lipo

The New Minimally Invasive Laser-Assisted Liposuction Treatment has many advantages over traditional Mechanical Liposuction. 


  1. Simultaneous Lasing and Suction
  2. Reduced Treatment Time
  3. Less Bleeding
  4. Less Bruising
  5. Less Downtime for patient
  6. Enhanced Skin Tightening
  7. Improved Fat Viability for subsequent Fat Grafting (Face or Brazilian Butt Lift)

How Laser Liposuction is done

As with conventional liposculpture, laser assisted lipolysis is performed under tumescent anaesthetic (local anaesthetic). There is one fundamental difference though.

Laser assisted lipolysis is performed in one combined step. Once the tumescent anaesthetic is allowed to settle, a specialised Alma Mercedes Cannula (which contains the laser radial fibre that melts the fat) is used to simultaneously laser and suction out the melted fat cells. 

As a result, there is less bruising and post-operative discomfort than with conventional lipo. Patients are likely to experience a reduced recovery period.

Alma Lipolife Laser Benefits

Less Trauma, Bruising and Swelling

The LipoLife Laser uses a very specific laser wavelength (1470 nM) which directly targets water in the fatty tissue. As the fat is directly targeted and efficiently broken down by the laser light, the use of a “Disruptor” to help break the fat down “Mechanically” is not necessary. The result is less tissue trauma and less bleeding, bruising and swelling for the patient.

Helps enhance Skin Tone and Texture

LipoLife’s 1470nm diode laser is set to reach a temperature of up to 40° C which is ideal for skin tightening without causing tissue damage. The heat stimulates collagen production and causes existing collagen to contract for more elastic, tighter-looking skin.

Improved Fat Viability for Fat Grafting

With LipoLife’s lasering technology, fat cells are gently melted into a semi-liquid state, with minimal damage to the fat cells. Compared to conventional “Mechanical” liposuction, fat removed with this special laser results in highly viable fat cells which can be used for effective fat grafting and autologous fat injection.

Shorter Procedures and Larger Areas Covered

The laser fibre used during the liposuction procedure is designed to release laser energy evenly and uniformly throughout the treatment area. This even distribution of energy helps remove fat more efficiently and over larger areas in a shorter period of time.

Reduced side effects compared to Traditional Liposuction

By combining the melting and suctioning of fat, Laser Liposuction helps the doctor pass through fatty tissue with ease, removing fat cells more efficiently and helping to minimise body trauma such as blood collections (haematomas) and bruising, as well as helping decrease the total procedure time. Overall, damage to underlying soft tissue and muscle during the liposuction process is greatly reduced. The main reason for this is that a lot less force and speed is required to suction the fat out making Laser Liposuction significantly less aggressive than traditional liposuction.


LipoLife by Alma is a highly targeted laser liposuction machine that is used extensively by Dr Paraskevas at the Sculpture Clinic in Melbourne for Laser Assisted Lipolysis (LAL) treatments.

“The Alma Laser Liposuction Device provides advantages for both the surgeon and the patient” says Dr. Paraskevas. “As a treating Liposuctionist, the ability to perform laser liposuction together with skin tightening greatly improves the outcome of the procedure. I have no doubt in my mind as to the many advantages laser liposuction offers above and beyond traditional Mechanical Liposuction. I have noticed a lot less pain and bruising post-operatively and patients seem to bounce back much quicker following their treatments. I have also found that I can do a lot more for the patient particularly because the laser/suction process is so gentle and much better tolerated by patients but also because I am less fatigued during the procedure. Laser Liposuction has made it possible for me to perform a refined form of liposuction, completely under local anesthesia and without the use of heavy pain killers and strong sedatives. I am extremely pleased to offer patients a viable alternative to hospital-based traditional liposuction."