Women are using Laser Liposuction to Reshape Their Thighs and Buttocks

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The number one complaint causing women to consider liposuction are the thighs and buttocks. Carrying extra bulk in these areas is hereditary and after pregnancy, there is often further accumulation of fat in these areas.

Even with diet and exercise these areas can be difficult to slim down, but liposuction can garner some astonishing transformations, and the thighs are one of the most popular treatment areas for women who get laser liposuction.

What’s Laser Liposuction?

After tumescent anaesthetic is administered, a special cannula containing a laser fibre is used to gently suction excess subcutaneous fat out of the body. The laser fibre assists by melting the fat to make it more malleable and easy to suction away. That means less trauma to the surrounding tissues and less post-operative discomfort.

How is Laser Liposuction Different from Conventional Liposuction?

Conventional liposuction uses a cannula with several holes near its tip. Fat is suctioned into the holes, and physically breaks the fat away as the cannula moves back-and-forth. The dislodged fat is suctioned out of the body. The holes at the end of the cannular work in a similar way to a cheese grater. It’s intrusive, it can cause severe post-operative bruising, and make the recovery period longer.

A Patient’s Story

This 50-year-old patient presented for treatment of her hips and outer thighs. She underwent laser liposuction at Sculpture Clinic with Dr Peter Paraskevas. The image shows her incredible results. Her thighs are now sculpted beautifully. This has influenced the shape of her hips and buttocks too.

The results shown here are before the procedure and 12-months following.


Key Takeaways

  • A laser fibre inside the liposuction cannula melts the fat before suctioning it out of the body, causing less trauma to the surrounding tissues and therefore less post-operative discomfort.
  • Conventional liposuction involves physically dislodging fat deposits which are removed from the body with suction. This can cause severe post-op bruising.
  • Make an appointment with Dr Paraskevas today to find out how liposuction can transform your thighs and buttocks.