Stomach – Men’s Liposuction

Abdomen & Stomach Liposculpture

The abdomen is a problem area for many people. In men, unwanted fatty deposits are normally found over the abdomen (pot belly) and flanks (love handles) and breast region (man-boobs).  It is extremely common to see a pot belly even in thin and extremely fit males, as fat tends to want to accumulate there. Men will find that abdominal fat will increase with age, as their hormones begin to fluctuate and if left unchecked will become quite considerable in size.

Reduction of fat in the abdominal region of these areas will make a huge improvement to your shape. Clothes will fit better, T-shirts will look more streamlined, there will be less excess fat bulging over belt line and you will feel much more comfortable wearing clothes that you would otherwise never consider wearing. Gym junkies and joggers often comment on the subtle improvement in the shape of their torso following Liposculpture of the tummy and flanks.

It is proper protocol to treat both the upper and lower sections of the abdomen at the same time to avoid an imbalanced appearance. Any size of abdomen can be treated with the appropriate form of Liposculpture.  Using the VASER technology, small abdomens can be flattened for a ‘washboard stomach’ and abdominal muscle appearance can be enhanced. Careful use of Laser Technology and Powered Liposuction devices, such as the Microair, can be utilized to remove pot bellies, improving the male physique.

Liposculpture of the abdomen may also be combined with treatment of the hips and waist area. By flattening the tummy area and reducing the waist and hips, we can help you achieve the much sought after V-shape.


Liposculpture vs Liposuction

Liposculpture is a safer and more effective form of Liposuction that can be performed on an outpatient basis, without the need for general anaesthetic and with less down-time and post-operative discomfort.

Liposculpture is ideal for removing fat from areas of the body otherwise resistant to dietary modification and regular exercise. It is not intended as a means for generalised weight loss.

Stomach Liposuction Summary

  • Procedure Time
    3 - 4 hours

  • Back to Work:
    3-4 days

  • Anaesthetic:

  • Full Recovery:
    2 - 6 weeks

  • Results:
    24-48 hours – will improve with time

  • Common Side Effects:

Men's Stomach Liposuction - Key Facts

Frequently Asked Questions
How do we perform abdominal liposculpture?

Abdominal Liposculpture is considered the most difficult area to treat. It can be performed with Laser Assisted Powered Lipolysis and also with VASER High Definition Liposculpture. The technology used will vary with the level of difficulty and amount of fatty tissue to be removed.

This procedure is carried out completely under local anaesthesia and under very strict protocols. An anti-anxiety tablet may be given about an hour prior to the procedure to help patients relax and to reduce anxiety. Some patients may benefit from intra-operative pain relief, although this is generally avoided. Following the prepping process, patients will be asked to lie on their back and local anaesthetic will be applied to the entire abdominal region. The anaesthetic will be allowed to settle in for at least half an hour. Several 2mm incisions are made at various levels of the abdomen, through which the liposuction cannula is placed.

At Sculpture Clinic, only Micro-Cannulae are used for neck liposculpture with the largest cannula not exceeding 3.5 mm. A criss-crossing pattern is utilised to help attain the most even and uniform results. As mentioned, a specialised laser fibre is used in conjunction with the micro-cannula to ensure that the procedure is as minimally traumatic as possible. The laser fibre has a duel action in that it helps remove fat with minimal trauma and also improves skin tightening.

How long does abdominal liposculpture take?

Most procedures will take from between 3-4 hours to complete.

What areas are treated during abdominal liposculpture?

When performing Liposculpture of the Abdomen, it is important to address the abdomen as a whole. Trained Liposuctionists will routinely assess and if necessary, treat 4 areas during Abdominal Liposculpture, to ensure the best possible results:

  1. Upper Abdomen
  2. Lower Abdomen
  3. Suprapubic Region
  4. Flanks (Love Handles)
Who are the best candidates for abdominal liposculpture?

Anyone with excess abdominal fat can benefit from this procedure. The amount of fat that is removed depends equally important as the amount of fat left behind. We generally aim to remove approximately 70-80% of the starting volume. With larger abdomens, a second or third procedure may be required to help refine the abdomen further.

How is not a good candidate for abdominal liposculpture?

People with suspected abdominal hernias will be required to undergo an Ultrasound Examination for further evaluation. Hernias will need to be treated before any liposuction procedure.

Many men who present to our clinic will have a large proportion of the abdominal fat within the abdomen itself (behind the muscles) and very little surface fat. This “Internal” or “Visceral” Fat CAN NOT be liposuctioned and can only be reduced with diet and exercise.

Men who are grossly overweight may not be suitable for Tumescent Liposculpture. These men should opt for lifestyle change, diet and exercise and referral to a weight loss clinic. For men with very loose skin and excess fat, an Abdominoplasty would be the recommended procedure. Also, men who have other serious medical conditions, such as heart disease or bleeding and clotting disorders will not be suitable candidates.

After Care
What support garments are required?

A special Lycra Bodysuit Garment will be issued immediately following the procedure. This will be worn for at least 4-6 weeks for the best results and for faster recovery. At Sculpture Clinic, we use the very best Garments which provide comfort and effective compression.

How much time off work will I need?

Generally speaking, we advise 3-5 days off work. You are to avoid heavy lifting and exercise for at least 3 weeks. You may not reach full capacity until at least 6-8 weeks.

Is abdominal liposculpture permanent?

Fat that is removed during Liposculpture will never come back. However, fat that is left behind, will still have the potential to expand if you don’t watch what you eat and if you don’t exercise regularly. This should be a motivation. Patients need to remember that Liposculpture is NOT a FAT LOSS treatment. It is a body sculpting treatment. It helps improve the contours of the body. The reduction in the size of the abdomen and the improvement in the contour of the body will be permanent despite any unforeseen generalized weight gain.

Are there any scars?

The small entry holes used to pass the fine cannulae, are approximately 2-3 mm wide. These small holes are never to be sutured and will settle very quickly, becoming barely visible after several weeks.

What is the cost of abdominal liposculpture?

The cost of this procedure will vary according to the number of areas that require treatment and in particular if areas such as the flanks and breast are treated at the same time. There are also “Theatre” and “Consumable” fees which are added to the overall fee.

An accurate costing will be provided to you following your initial consultation and will be discussed in depth with our Patient Advisor.