Thighs – Women’s Liposuction

Many women who present to our practice, have accumulated fat in the outer thighs, inner thighs and front of the thighs (anterior thighs). Most of these women have a pear shape and are extremely flat through the tummy and waist area. Yet they carry a lot of genetically predisposed fatty deposits in the lower legs. They describe having a “body of two halves” and would do anything to help bring the lower body into proportion with the upper body.

Liposculpture is the gold standard method for treating this problem. No amount of exercise, massage, laser treatment or ultrasound treatment can help remove the excess fat in the thighs. Liposculpture is an extremely effective method which will help bring the upper and lower body back into harmony.

The 2 areas of the thighs treated with liposculpture are:

Outer Thighs
Outer thighs “saddle bags” in women are accumulations of fat over the outer thigh. Liposculpture of the outer thighs helps to get rid of the bulge in this area. The change in appearance is often dramatic. Outer thigh liposculpture is performed strictly under local anaesthetic and usually takes 1-2 hours to perform. We expect return to normal duties within 2-3 days.

Inner Thighs
When the inner thighs have excess fatty tissue, women may notice several thighs. There may be a large bulge of the thighs underneath the pubic area which can be embarrassing for some women, making it difficult to wear pants and swimwear. Some women may find that the inner thighs rub together, causing irritation and chaffing of the skin. Liposculpture again is the answer to treating enlarged inner thigh areas. Once again, the procedure is performed strictly under local anaesthesia, takes 1-2 hours to perform and patients can expect a quick recovery.

Liposculpture vs Liposuction

Liposculpture is a safer and more effective form of Liposuction that can be performed on an outpatient basis, without the need for general anaesthetic and with less down-time and post-operative discomfort.

Liposculpture is ideal for removing fat from areas of the body otherwise resistant to dietary modification and regular exercise. It is not intended as a means for generalised weight loss.

Thighs Liposuction Summary

  • Procedure Time
    2-3 hours

  • Back to Work:
    4-5 days

  • Anaesthetic:

  • Full Recovery:
    2-4 weeks

  • Results:
    3-5 days – will improve over 12 months

  • Common Side Effects:
    Bruising & localised tenderness